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We, the officers and employees of Mapandan Water District do hereby swear and pledge to serve with integrity, and promptly respond to our valued consumers’ needs, requests and complaints with respect, courtesy, and extreme demonstration of sensitivity, appropriate behavior and professionalism, providing adequate and accurate information, display fees and charges, and make available feedback mechanism. We level oneself in humility to everyone with pleasant, and equal treatment to anybody, hence develop, enhance and maintain good camaraderie in the workplace among the employees who are always in proper uniform and identification, available during office hours, consistent in applying rules and regulations, well-disciplined, responsible, respectful, respectable, considerate, cheerful, cooperative, cohesive thus best assets of the office of Mapandan Water District. Providing the best service we can for consumers including comfortable waiting area and confectioneries for the consumers.

Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 198 (Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973), Mapandan Water District was formed to perform the following duties:

  • Acquiring, installing, improving, maintaining and operating water supply and distribution system for domestic, industrial, and agricultural uses for residents and lands within the boundaries of such districts;
  • Providing, maintaining and operating wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal facilities; and
  • Conducting such other functions and operations incidental to water resource development, utilization and disposal with such districts, as and necessary or incidental to said purpose.

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